Current research

  1. Leading my research in “Automation, Robotics, and Society” to understand human-machine interactions within social and technical contexts in real-time life critical systems. Empirical studies, and visualization of data from human spaceflight, aviation, undersea exploration, and Air Force remotely-piloted aircraft. I’m currently working on a book on Human, Remote, and Autonomous Systems in Air, Sea, and Space which will synthesize the research that’s been going on in my group for the past five years.
  2. Working on a team to develop an autonomous helicopter system, called AACUS for unmanned cargo delivery and casualty evacuation, under an innovative naval prototype program from the Office of Naval Research (ONR). My role is research on human-systems-integration architecture as part of a human-systems integration team.
  3. Editing the publication of the archaeological investigations of the USS Monitor, along with Jim Delgado (NOAA) and John Broadwater, and a team at the Mariner’s Museum in Virginia. This builds on my longstanding interest in the Monitor from my book Iron Coffin: War Technology and Experience Aboard the USS Monitor which was published in a new edition by Johns Hopkins in 2012.
  4. Working on a book on the history of educational technology in the age of film.
  5. Working on a book that’s a memoir of my experiences in deep ocean exploration.
  6. Helping the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to set up a Center for Marine Robotics (we’re looking for a director).