MIT students I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years:

Steve Fino — ESD Ph.D. student, active duty USAF (F-15 pilot), Thesis topic: Radars, Radios, and Recorders: The Evolving Technological Identity of the U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot, 1950-1980

Teasel Muir-Harmony — STS Ph.D. student, currently doing research at National Air and Space Museum, Thesis topic: The Space Race and American Public Diplomacy

Tim Wolters — Professor of History at Iowa State University. STS Ph.D. student, graduated 2003. Thesis: Managing a sea of information: shipboard command and control in the United States Navy, 1899-1945.

Eden Medina — Professor of Informatics and Computing, Professor of History, Indiana  University School of Informatics. Awarded the 2012 Edelstein Prize for outstanding book in the history of technology and the 2012 Computer History Museum Prize for outstanding book in the history of computing for Cybernetic Revolutionaries (MIT Press, 2011).

Tim Cullen — Lt. Col. USAF. ESD Ph.D. Student 2010. Ph.D. Thesis: The MQ-9 Reaper Remotely Piloted Vehicle: Humans and Machines in Action.

Kendall Hoyt, Assistant Professor of Medicine, The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. Thesis: The role of military-industrial relations in the history of vaccine innovation

Ray O’Mara — Chair, Department of Strategy, USAF Air War College. ESD Ph.D. student 2010. Thesis: The socio-technical construction of precision bombing : a study of shared control and cognition by humans, machines, and doctrine during World War II

Mike Kometer — MITRE Corp. Col. USAF (ret.), ESD Ph.D. student 2005. Thesis: Command in air war : centralized vs. decentralized control of combat airpower

Brian Bingham — Field Robotics Lab, Univeristy of Hawaii
Brendan Foley — Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Erico Guizzo — IEEE Spectrum Robots Blog
Chen-Pang Yeang — University of Toronto
Lisa Messari — U. Penn
Yanni Loukissas — Harvard MetaLab
Hope Ginsberg — Artist
Chiyhung Jeon — Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Alexander S. Brown
Misha Leybovich
Mo-Han Hsieh
an Gillsepie — USAF
Carlos Martinez-Vela
Chris Musso
Connie Lai